Maximall Pompeii – an innovative project

Located just a few steps away from Pompeii – one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world – Maximall Pompeii is a unique destination, with an innovative and high-quality fashion profile in Southern Italy.

Expected to open during the first half of 2019, it will be completely created in the “International Design” style, with architecture of great visual impact. The Centre will host more than 200 international brands, including 30 from top brands in the catering sector, as well as an onsite hotel.

There is a vast user base of over 3.7 million residents within 40 minutes, plus 3 million tourists visiting annually. The Centre will have superb connections with dedicated to the A1 motorway that connects Pompeii to Naples and Salerno, and will boast over 4,000 parking spaces.

Emotion Park

Emotion Park is a revolutionary automotive sales project in both concept and execution. It embodies a new sales model for cars – a space that celebrates the passion for all things automotive. It is a new dimension in which producers can showcase their latest models and innovations, and consumers can interact with different car manufacturers for a multi-dimensional shopping experience.

Emotion Park boasts excellent infrastructure for brands to launch their new models to the media, their dealer network and to consumers.

It is much more than a shopping centre. It is a space where people can relax; a space to suit their love for cars; a space where they can spend time with friends and family, clients and colleagues.

Bringing together all aspects of automotive retailing in a unique environment, Emotion Park is the experience of the end user. A busy schedule of public and private events will enliven the Emotion Park throughout the year offering visitors and consumers a unique and unforgettable experience.